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Abrasive Filaments

We have been manufacturing abrasive filaments under the Hahl name for more than a quarter of a century. From the humble beginnings of producing on one small laboratory style extruder, this range has become key to the growth of our reputation in the technical brush and tool sector. We now operate the most technologically advanced production lines in the industry and remain the most innovative supplier of abrasive filaments in the world.

Our brand names Abralon®, Abrafil®, MultiBrasif® and recently AbraMaXX® are recognized throughout the technical brush and tool sector for their accurate diameter control, even grit dispersion, aggressiveness and lifetime. Our experience in polymer extrusion and the use of additives has enabled us to develop the most comprehensive portfolio of abrasive filaments which are used in brushes and tools for deburring, polishing, cleaning and structuring of surfaces from steel to stone, aluminium to wood and textiles to granite.

Our abrasive filament range is manufactured from the following polymers: PA 6, PA 6.10, PA 6.12, Polyester PBT, High Temperature resistant polymers
And using Silicone Carbide, Aluminium Oxide, Ceramic, Diamond, DIAMIC grit.

We operate an extensive standard stock programme covering a diameter range from 0,25mm (.010”) to 3,00mm (.118”) and grit sizes from 24 – 3500 spanning over 60 items which are available in minimum quantities of one box and which can be ordered and shipped at short notice.

Our standard product is packaged in hanks of 1200mm (47.25”). Material can be cut to length on request. We also produce filaments on spools with varying strand counts.

Our ABR range is manufactured on 2 continents using own-engineered technology and supplied direct as well through a global sales network with local distribution.

Hahlbrasif® 6

Hahlbrasif® 6 abrasive filaments are manufactured using PA 6 raw material and SiC or AO grit. PA 6 is best suited to dry applications where no coolant is used, such as for processing wood. Hahlbrasif® 6 possesses a comparable stiffness to PA 612 filaments under dry conditions, although have a slightly lower resistance to abrasion.

Standard range: 0,50mm (.020”) – 1,60mm (.063”); grit 46 – 500
Other diameter and grit size combinations are available on request.

Abralon® 610 und 612

These original Hahl abrasive filaments make up a large part of our standard range. Made from high-end engineering polymers PA 6.10 and PA 6.12 these items are used in a multitude of both wet and dry applications, including steel, hard metal and for textile structuring. PA 6.10 has a marginally higher moisture absorption rate to PA 6.12 but comparable wear, temperature and chemical resistance. Abralon 610 and 612 can be manufactured with SiC, AO, KK and DM grit.

Abralon offers outstanding filament lifetime, particularly for wide-face roller brushes.
Standard range: 0,25mm (.010”) – 1,90 x 2,40mm (.075” x .094”); grit 36 – 1000
Other diameter and grit size combinations are available on request.

Abrafil® 612

In response to the demand from customers looking for a higher level of abrasion performance right from the start of their process, we developed Abrafil®. Made from PA 6.12 together with special additives to increase stiffness and to improve thermal stability, we were able to shorten the time needed for brushes to reach their peak abrasive performance. This was done with little detrimental effect on the lifetime of the filament.

Abrafil® is used in similar applications to those of Abralon, and in particular by customers working with a short cycle length.

Standard range: 0,50mm (.020”) – 1,60mm (.063”); grit 46 – 500
Other diameter and grit size combinations are available on request.

Abrafil® NG

Our stiffest and most abrasive filament yet. This product is used in demanding applications requiring the highest level of bending stiffness and abrasion performance. Produced with green SiC grit which is harder than standard grey coloured SiC grit and which also gives the filament a distinctive appearance versus standard abrasive filaments.

Standard range: none; made to individual customer specification only.


Abratape® is an abrasive band with a width of 80mm (3.15”) and a thickness of 1,2mm (.047”) and packaged on a spool for use as a replacement for sandpaper when processed into abrasive flap wheels. Abratape® can be manufactured from PA 6, PA 6.10, PA 6.12 as well as high temperature resistant polymers and with SiC, AO, KK and DM grit depending on the application. The advantage of Abratape® versus conventional sandpaper is the even grit distribution throughout the band, giving longer lifetime. Abratape® is also perfectly suited to wet sanding applications where sandpaper will become damaged.

Standard range: none; made to individual customer specification only.


Our search for a high temperature resistant abrasive filament (150°C continuous working temperature) led us to develop AbraMaXX®, which possesses superior bending stiffness characteristics than all other abrasive Nylon filaments, even at slower rotational speeds, whilst retaining a high level of flexibility. Can be produced with all grit types and in a diameter range from 0,25mm (.010”) to 2,00mm (.079”)

Standard range: none; made to individual customer specification only.


Global Head of Business Segment Technical Brush Filaments (TBF)