Sensitive Structure

Filaments with foamed sheath layer

Within our Pedex product range, Perlon® offers you exceptionally soft and sensitive dental care filaments. This allows you to brush effectively when having sensitive gums, periodontitis or even after surgery.

Our filaments are tailor made for your needs combining technologies such as foaming agents to create an especially sensitive surface of the filament. The cloud like pockets which are filled with air on the outside of Sensitive Structure filament allow the user to have an extremely soft brushing experience.

We specialize in producing thin diameters with Dentex® S filaments. The filaments maintain their optimal bending recovery while creating the softness you desire in your toothbrush. In addition, more filaments will fit in a tuft hole resulting in a “fuller” brushing experience with more water and toothpaste held in the brush.

Our co-extrusion process is yet another technology which offers you a diverse portfolio on sensitive filaments. We are also able to link their attributes by combining two materials in a core and sheath layer. Our Rubber Soft filaments function as a soft eraser on your teeth removing plaque in a sensitive manner.

  • Soft and sensitive brushing experience
  • Proven track record in specialized tooth brushes for use after surgery
  • Dentex® S (PBT) – thin diameter allows you to have up to 400 % more filaments per tuft hole
  • Sensitive Structure filaments are produced by unique unprecedented foaming technology to capture air in small pockets on the surface of the filaments
  • 84 Standard colors, other Pantone colors available on request
  • Bundle Length: 16 mm – 1200 mm (.629” – 47”)
  • Bundle Packaging: Plastic tube, plastic film, paper wrapping