Abrafil Perlon Nextrusion


Alkaline resistant filaments for steel processing

Bilon® is a product which has long been synonymous with roller brushes used in degreasing sections of steel processing lines. The working conditions on these lines subject brushes to a combination of high temperatures, moisture and chemicals, as well mechanical stress. Bilon® is a specially developed polyamide filament, generally supplied with a deep crimp ensuring a uniform surface finish and in a distinctive natural brown colour. Bilon® has a lifetime of up to 4 times longer than regular PA filaments in hot (70 – 75°C) alkali solutions (pH 7 – 13). Bilon® is also available as an abrasive filament, and as a multifilament (MultiBil®) – see separate documentation.

Diameter range

  • 0,30mm – 0,60mm