Industrial textiles


Filtration is all about separating a solid from a liquid. The use of special monofilaments ensures a long service life. We offer customized solutions, whether in the field of food (FDA) or for special applications where specific characteristics are to be achieved, for example by the use of additives. In the case of bi-component monofilament, its sheath can be modified as tensile reinforcement independent of the core. Also suitable are elastic ElasTer® monofilaments.


High-quality monofilaments in all required diameters and specifications, with excellent processing properties in the weft insertion for light conveyor belt fabrics. With our products, we make sure that your production process operates at a high level
of efficiency.

 Leather industry

Consistent diameter uniformity and good recovery properties make Perlon® PA6 monofilament the ideal choice for conveyor belts in leather processing machinery. Two specially developed types are available. These are resistant to most chemicals used in leather and textile processing.


In the manufacture of fire hoses, our monofilaments help to ensure high quality and safety standards. Monofilaments from Perlon® are characterized by excellent diameter uniformity and abrasion resistance, as well as high strength and stiffness.


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