Ropes + Cable


Atlas® ropes have excellent dimensional stability and long-term flexural rigidity, very good abrasion resistance and high tensile strength. Optimum stress-strain characteristics provide a high dynamic load resistance. Constructed primarily for automatic winches, Atlas® ropes are compact and maintenance-free; they can also be stored wet. Atlas® hawsers are ideal for heavy-duty purposes. These outstanding features make Atlas® ropes indispensable to the operators of container ships and cruise liners.


In many cable constructions, monofilaments are used as filler wire. Our monofilaments of Polyamide 6 and polyester have been specially developed for the cable industry. They are distinguished by high thermal stability and uniformity of diameter. In addition, they exhibit a very low shrinkage rate. Run lengths of up to 100,000 meters and wrapping on large spools (up to 500 kilos) minimize the need for further bonding during cable manufacture. We will gladly supply a diameter to suit your purposes.

Pulling wire

For many years now, Perlon® monofilaments have been proving their worth in the communications and electrical engineering industries. Thanks to the combination of flexibility, high accuracy of diameter, tensile strength and durability, pulling wire made from Perlon® monofilaments has established itself as a robust tool for industry and workshop. Resistant to UV, heat or weather, these monofilaments can cope with the most diverse industrial requirements.


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