Innovation - Perlon Nextrusion Monofil

by Perlon®

Whichever innovation is next to see the light of day depends on the requirements of the customers, on the needs and developments of the markets or on you. Are you looking for a filament to suit your purpose exactly? We’ll make it! Perlon® is your contact when it’s about creating new solutions for unique products.

Our research and development department with its excellent chemists, materials scientists, engineers and technicians combines depth of knowledge of the chemical and physical characteristics of the raw materials with years of experience in the optimum modification and processing to a high quality filament tailor-made for the customer.

The path to your new product –
the Perlon® innovation process

The Perlon® development process combines a systematic procedure with targeted and fast “just do it” trial facilities specially equipped for this purpose.

The development takes place in a practical orientated manner and in close cooperation with you. In this way we are able to advance the projects efficiently and your new product can be commercialised within a short period.

Our research and development departments are equipped with ultra-modern physics and chemical laboratories.

These work closely together with university institutes and other development partners.

We are also happy to develop new products for you exclusively and secure the developments through patents. We hold well over 30 patents and registered designs.

Innovation by Perlon®:
Developed for you. For your success.

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Innovations of the last 20 years

Innovations QualiFil Range: 
AntiStat, Bayco®EasyKleen®EnerSave®HighGrip, PA6 FH, PerlonXline, PearlTech®

Innovations Hahl Range:
Abrafil®, Abrafil® NG, AbraMaXX®, Bilon®, MultiBil®, MultiBrasif®, PBT

Innovations Pedex Range: 
Spiral, StainDevil®, Wear Indicator