Pearl Tech Perlon Nextrusion


Monofilaments with a special surface

PearlTech® is a monofilament which has special particles incorporated into it. The size and shape of the particles is irregular and the material is unrelated to the base polymer. PearlTech® is currently available in a PET based variant as well as in PA. The particles are added into the polymer melt and evenly distributed over the whole monofil cross-section. These newly acquired properties remain intact throughout the lifetime of the monofilament. The particles incorporated into the polymer matrix protrude slightly from the monofilament surface, giving PearlTech® an interesting optical appearance and a structured surface finish.

  • Improved stability against wear
  • Reduces machine power consumption
  • Reducing the build-up of dirt on the end product
  • Structured surface finish
  • Without flouropolymers
  • PET and PA based