Twisted filaments for high cleaning power

Spiral technology is one of the most popular filament technologies within the Pedex product range. Our spiral filaments offer your brush an extra twist in terms of visual effect and increased cleaning efficiency.
Perlon® is able to twist any filament with different profiles – such as square, trilobal and hexagonal as well as different component filaments consisting of one, two or three components.
This twisting technology is the basis for several of our top selling filaments: Spiral Filaments, Spiral Magic, Spiral Mix, Spiral Magic Mix, Twisted Trilobal Filaments and StainDevil®.
Our twisting technology also offers the flexibility of different base materials for filaments. We can twist PA 6.12, PBT, TPE and many others, so we can enrich your portfolio to the fullest.

  • Great visualization in the brush possible through colored edges or sparkling look
  • Up to 24 % higher cleaning efficiency for Spiral Filaments compared to standard filaments
  • Combination with filament mixing technology allows standard filament and spiral filament mixing
  • High degree of innovation and possibility to develop further filaments custom-made for you
  • 84 Standard colors, other Pantone colors available on request
  • Bundle Length: 16 mm – 1170 mm (.629” – 47”)
  • Bundle Packaging: Plastic tube, plastic film, paper wrapping