Pedex Range
Dental & Personal Care Filaments


Perlon® offers more than 25 different types of filament, made using the latest technology, from innovative materials and in 2820 possible Pantone colors for toothbrush manufacture. Standard dental care filaments from Perlon® are made from Polyamide 6.12 (Medex S ®) and Polyester PBT (Dentex S). At the same time Perlon® can call upon it’s extensive experience of co-extruded production and holds patents for more than 10 different items.

It goes without saying that all Perlon® filaments have been tested for quality and effectiveness by external laboratories. Perlon®’s innovative range also lends itself perfectly for interdental and cosmetic brush applications with several packaging options available.

Perlon®’s innovative toothbrush filament range includes:

  • Coextruded  filaments using Side by Side technology, core and sheath, or other profiles
  • Stain Devil filaments
  • Spiral filaments
  • Rubber Soft filaments
  • Structure filaments
  • Filaments containing functional additives

Perlon® is member of:
ABMA – American Brush Manufacturers Association
FEIBP – European Brushware Federation
Verband der Deutschen Pinsel- und Bürstenhersteller e.V.