Dental Care Filaments

Morning, evening and ideally after every mealtime: dental hygiene is important! The toothbrush needed for this is an everyday object but on close examination it’s long been a high-tech product, as no two people are alike. So too for the human set of teeth.

In order to satisfy this challenge we offer you our broad range of solutions for individual dental hygiene.In this regard we place particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Effectiveness
  • Sensitivity
  • Functionality
  • Conceptuality

By effectiveness we mean filaments whose cleansing power is significantly greater than that of conventional dental care filaments. We achieve this, amongst other things, through the use of different filament profiles as well as the use of co-extrusion. By means of this technology we are able to combine various material characteristics to attain maximum effectiveness for your toothbrush design in terms of cleaning power.

The effectiveness of our filaments in terms of possible “claims” is furnished primarily by medical studies carried out by universities renowned in the field of oral and facial medicine.

Co-extrusion likewise offers us many possibilities in the area of sensitivity. Dental hygiene after surgical intervention or with periodontitis demands appropriately gentle applications. We are happy to support you in this with our diverse range of filaments with low stiffness or softer surface.

The attribute functionality is provided by our filaments, for example, through antibacterial finishes which contribute to the inhibition of bacterial growth on the filament surface or through the release of active substances such as sodium fluoride (NaF) as used in toothpaste, amongst other things.

Our purely conceptual ideas regarding possible additives such as charcoal, white pearl, black pearl etc. can likewise offer your application a potential unique selling point (USP).

Years of development work is the basis of our current portfolio which covers more than 25 different product groups in a unique variety of colors. You can find detailed information on these product groups in the “Innovation” section. Besides all the innovations, one shouldn’t however ignore the area of original dental filaments in which we have been represented for more than 30 years with our Medex S® (PA 6.12) and Dentex S (PBT) brands.

To make the workability of our products as simple as possible for you, we also offer varied and innovative packaging solutions. Your questions and wishes are important to us! We are pleased to advise on all technical issues and look forward to collaborating with you.


Global Head of Business Segment PC