QualiFil Range

PMC & ATT Monofilaments


Product Range

In the areas of paper machine clothing (PMC) and Advanced Technical Textiles (ATT), we offer a wide range of quality monofilaments made from various polymers. In the diameter range 0.055mm – 6.00mm, you can choose from a variety of technologies, in each case with customized properties.

Our monofilaments are based on hot-melt spun polymers such as PET, PBT, PA, PPS, PEN, PLA, TPE-E, and they come with different viscosity levels.

Our monofilaments are produced to order in compliance with agreed delivery times. Deliveries are made on flanged bobbins and cops or as hanks in winding weights of one to 500 kilos packaged in heavy-duty cardboard on pallets.

Our extensive ready-to-deliver range is supplemented by the following special products:

  • Dosage metering with special polymers or additives for high-quality yarn properties such as hydrolysis resistance, abrasion resistance, improved cleaning propertiesflame retardance, UV resistance and much more besides.
  • Use of spun-dyed raw materials or dosage with color masterbatches
  • Round and profiled monofilaments
  • Bi-component monofilaments
  • Monofilaments as malleable as metal wire = monofilament with high memory form
  • Special preparation of monofilaments for optimum processing properties
  • Thread reserve on request
  • Elastic monofilaments
  • Biodegradable monofilaments