AntiStat Perlon Nextrusion


Monofilament with antistatic properties

AntiStat is a polyester-based monofilament having antistatic properties. In a patented one-step process, two streams of polymeric material are extruded almost simultaneously to produce a core-sheath monofilament. The core serves primarily to give strength to the filament while the sheath with its carbon content performs the function of removing any static charge. AntiStat is offered in two versions – low-shrinkage or high-shrinkage – in the diameter range of 0.30mm to 2.50mm. It is characterized by good core-sheath adhesion. Moreover, AntiStat has a volume resistivity of ≤ 250 Ohm x cm.

  • Dissipation of electrostatic charges
  • Enhanced process stability
  • Reduction in the risk of explosion in line with the
    ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres) Directive
  • Application: Woven or spiral screen
  • Use: Screening in high-voltage cables