Personal Care and Cosmetic Filaments

In the area of personal care filaments, PERLON® offers products which are used in decorative cosmetics for the manufacture of mascara brushes, nail varnish brushes and for applicators.

The range is complemented by a special series of fine to ultra-fine filaments for the face and body areas.

The substitution of natural hair with high quality filaments of similar characteristics will, for ethical and market-political reasons, move ahead at a fast pace and is being applied in the area of blush brushes and other high-quality brushes in the field of decorative cosmetics.

For the different areas of application – in line with the demands of the market – filaments based on different raw materials and with different characteristic profiles, e.g. hardness grades, are used. These are primarily PA 6.12, PA 6.11, PBT, TPE, PA 6.10 and bio-based materials in distinct variations.

Thus, for example, the use of soft filaments for manufacturing mascara brushes guarantees gentle treatment of the eyelid and prevents inflammation.

It goes without saying that filaments can also be manufactured to customers’ requirements.

Depending on application, filaments are used for all areas in the most varied diameters from less than 2 mil to 12 mil.

Different cross sections – e.g. trilobal, square or X-shaped – can also be manufactured as mono or multiple component structures.

At the same time it is possible, through the use of various fillers, active ingredients and foaming, to offer products which give consumers the option of deciding between, for instance, a high volume or an easy release mascara brush. The 2 component spiral filament developed by Pedex also offers, besides exceptional visual signals, the design dependant advantage of being classed as a high volume brush.

From a defined diameter, the filaments can also be manufactured as 2 component and 3 component in various combinations; e.g. core-shell in combination with hard, soft or different color combinations.

There is of course also the possibility of fulfilling the customer’s requirements with their own tooling of their own design. This permits exclusivity and there is also the option of designing a filament which is unique using the different building blocks.
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Global Market Manager Personal Care