Mobility + Spacers


Spacers are woven or knitted fabrics that have been given a third dimension. Because of the many possible design options, they are suitable for a variety of uses, for example as a foam substitute, for the reinforcement of sandwich constructions, as insulation or as filter media – the possibilities are immense.
QualiFil monofilaments are mainly used as pile threads (spacers). With definable properties,  they can give the spacer the desired stability whilst retaining permanent bending elasticity.


QualiFil or Perlon® monofilaments are used, for example, as braided sleeving for cable protection. These monofilaments can be equipped with anti-rodent or flame-retardant properties. Bi-component monofilament can be ordered as a two-colored version. Perlon® will most certainly have the right monofilament for your end product.

Seat belts

Our monofilaments are used in the manufacture of premium seat belts. They guarantee the best product quality and thus high production efficiency.


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