ElasTer - Perlon Nextrusion


Monofilament with high elastic properties

Using polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and with the addition of different levels of thermoplastic polyether, monofilaments can be produced with up to 200 percent elongation and high elastic properties. Distributed under the ElasTer® brand, these monofilaments are processed in special woven and knitted fabrics in order to increase elastic properties beyond constructional stretch.

The product portfolio of resilient monofilaments has been further developed to include flame-retardant versions. The flame-retardant properties are firmly anchored in the monofilament, so that functionality is maintained during the lifetime of the product, even after it undergoes a cleaning process.

We have developed both halogen-containing and halogen-free versions which are marketed in diameters ranging from 0.15mm to 1.00mm. The halogen-free version complies with fire protection standard UL94 V2 while the halogen-containing variant is rated V0.

  • High elastic properties
  • Up to 200 percent elongation
  • Application: Seating in aircraft and cars
  • Use: Public transport and public buildings
  • Flame-retardant versions