Paper Machine Clothing (PMC)

Forming fabrics

The purpose of the forming fabric in a paper machine is to form the paper and transport it through the screen section. Consequently, the most important requirement of monofilament used in this area is uniformity of diameter over the entire length of the monofilament. In this way, any risk of the paper being blemished is avoided.
As one of the world’s leading suppliers of polyester and polyamide monofilaments, the Perlon Nextrusion Monofil Group produces top-quality monofilaments in diameters ranging from 0.09mm to 0.50mm.

The properties of our monofilaments are designed to maintain optimum surface condition and to eliminate edge curling and screen elongation, even with complex fabric structures. Our monofilaments comply with all key parameters: uniformity of diameter, shrinkage, elastic modulus and strength. The continuous monitoring of diameter and the removal of monofilaments that deviate from the norm is standard practice throughout the entire production process. The same rigor applies to the stringent quality checks in our own laboratories.

Press felts

Within the press section of the paper machine, press felts are used both for the transport and for the dewatering of the paper web. Because of the high mechanical stresses induced by the presses, almost exclusively polyamide monofilaments or twisted yarns are used for the purpose.

For a variety of leading PMC manufacturers, Perlon® is the preferred supplier – particularly when it comes to sophisticated products such as seam felts, nonwovens or multiaxial fabrics. We offer our customers a broad portfolio of standard qualities as well as solutions that are customized for individual requirements.

Dryer fabrics

In the area of dryer fabrics, the Perlon® Group offers a variety of monofilaments for use in warp, weft and spiral cloth. Our range of solutions for the dryer section is unique. Examples include stain-resistant yarns, monofilaments with enhanced splicing and abrasion resistance, as well as monofilaments in which hydrolysis resistance is tailored to the specific application.

In dryer fabric, monofilaments are processed with either round or non-round cross-section. For the filling of spiral cloth, we have developed a special profile cross-section which provides for low air permeability in fast-running paper machines – and thus for good running characteristics and drying values.

Diverse applications

In addition to the main field of application, i.e. forming fabrics, press felts and dryer fabrics, our monofilaments and high-quality twisted yarns are used for various other purposes.

We supply monofilaments and twisted yarns to the paper industry for transfer belts and press belts as well as for filtration fabric in pulp preparation. But even outside the paper industry, our monofilaments are in great demand – for example in wet filtration, for conveyor belts, spacer fabrics and drive belts, as well as for ropes and cables.

Working in close cooperation with the PMC industry, we continually strive to develop innovative products. We help our customers to produce even better screens. The primary focus of our research team is on the extension of fabric life and on the reduction of power consumption in the paper machine.


Vice President Business Segment PMC