Abrafil Perlon Nextrusion


Natural Hair Replacement

When brushes were first invented, the only filling materials that were available came from animal hairs or vegetable fibres. These natural fibres possess certain properties and characteristics which lend themselves well to a variety of brush types – anti static properties, softness, stiffness, capillary properties and irregular diameter and surface texture. The downside of these natural „by-products“ is often their variable quality, occasional poor availabilty and unpredictable price fluctuations.

The brush applications of today still call for all of the outstanding properties of natural fibres, but products should be supplied in a consistent quality, on time, and at a stable price.

For that, there’s BioniFil®

H – Horsehair Replacement
P – Boar Hair Replacement

Further products for substitution of natural hair are available on request.

  • Natural appearance through special surface additives
  • Anti static
  • Heat resistant
  • Food approved (EU)
  • Clean and easy to process
  • Readily available in all lengths