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Coveted award for small and medium sized businesses – Pedex GmbH reaches the jury stage of the competition

The Perlon Group company from Wald Michelbach has reached the second stage (the jury stage) of the 2018 competition. Of the 4,917 companies nominated from the whole of Germany, 742 have reached the next round. From these, the jury (made up of 12 regional jurors and 2 special jurors from the Oskar-Patzelt foundation) chooses the finalists and winner. The award ceremonies themselves take place in September and then the overall winner will be announced at the Oskar-Patzelt ball in October. The juror’s decisions will not be known until then.

The Oskar Patzelt foundation embraces countrywide the appraisal of excellent performance of small to medium sized businesses and awards a coveted prize (‘Großer Preis des Mittelstandes’) in Autumn every year.

Nominations for this competition, (a company has to be proposed) are a ticket into an elite club. As the only commercial award in Germany, the prize isn’t just awarded for facts and figures, innovation or employee numbers, but also the company as a whole and its multifaceted role in society.